Attendees from all over the globe gathered and celebrated IFMA’s 40-year anniversary. This special event was a mix of remembrance and fun trivia games.

Special thanks to our distinguished panel of IFMA celebrities – Mary Gauer, Sheila Sheridan, Meredith Thatcher, Dave Wilson, Tyrel Melville and Stewart Livsie – who opened the 40-year Anniversary Celebration, sharing personal stories of IFMA’s origins, milestones and growth.

Virtual Bartender Amanda joined IFMA Director of Conferences and Events Ann Loyaza, CMP and Events Specialist Cyndy Thompson, CMP, CCTE at IFMA’s Houston Service Center of Excellence to teach attendees how to make classic cocktails.

Attendees had a blast playing the on-screen scavenger hunt and trivia games. Congratulations to all the winners!

Don Gilpin, IFMA President and COO, concluded the event with an anniversary toast.

Happy Anniversary, IFMA!

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